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Meet the Pit Crew

The purpose of Dolly’s Foundation is to offer community support to pet owners in central Florida by providing free spay and neuter services to families in need of assistance, as well as assist owners with caring for their pets on a case by case basis. Dolly’s Foundation will also rescue and rehome dogs with an emphasis on natural living and holistic treatments, and educate owners to do the same.

Erica Daniel attended Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL and received a degree in Zoo Animal Technology. She started out her rescue career at the young age of 16, volunteering and helping transport rescue dogs out of a local shelter. Nearly ten years later, she found herself employed at that very shelter she pulled dogs from and decided to start a rescue organization. In April 2011, Dolly and Erica were invited to appear at the State’s Capitol building in Tallahassee during the proposed Senate Bill 722 which unanimously passed, helping victims of dog fighting get a second chance in the shelter system. Governor Rick Scott signed this bill into law on June 21st, 2011. Since then, Erica has assisted the State of Florida with multiple cruelty case investigations, resulting in the placement of over 70 survivors of cruelty. Currently, Erica sits on the Advisory Board for Harbor House’s Paws for Peace Kennel, a safe haven for survivors of domestic abuse, who are now able to bring their pets. Erica and her husband Grant share their home with 7 dogs; Dolly, Harper, Tecky, June, Clifford, Bronson, and Benjamin.

VP of Operations- Allie Menendez

Dolly’s Foundation Trainer- Joe Menendez

Joe and Allie are vital members of our organization. Allie is a CVT at an emergency veterinary clinic in Bradenton and Joe is a certified guide dog trainer, both of them have years of experience under their belts. Joe and Allie have 4 cats, Felix, Hitch, Harley and Pancake and 5 dogs, Rileigh, Angel, Gunner, Dolly’s Foundation alumni, Jixxer whom they adopted in February 2012 and Emma, another Dolly’s Foundation alumni who was adopted in July of 2013.

Nutrition Coordinators
Patti and Steph

We would be LOST without them! Patti and Steph, the owners of Louise’s Pet Connection, single handedly feed every single one of our dogs with nothing but top quality all natural, human grade food. They also donate treats, toys, medication and whatever else our dogs need. They are amazing women that dedicate their lives to helping others, the all natural way. They share their lives with 7 cows, 12 pigs, 13 cats, and 7 dogs, one of which is Dolly’s Foundation alumni, Lulu!

Marketing Coordinator
Krystine Lopez

Krystine has helped us build a brand new website that we’re so proud of! Not only that, but she’s our graphic designer, always fast and efficient with any of our needs. She also made our wonderful Dolly’s Foundation logo, which is nationally recognized. Krystine volunteers her time at our local shelter, taking pictures of all the available dogs, and even helps other local rescues by giving out free gift certificates from her business, Rescue Me! Pet Portraits. for them to raffle off at events. Krystine shares her life with her Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix, Homer and a boxer named Otto.

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