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Heartworm Free- The all-natural way!

HWF (Heartworm Free) is a product made by Amber Technology, a company that produces 100% all natural products made from good ol’ Mother Earth. We use these products on our dogs frequently, and we’re treating our girl Gracie with HWF as we speak! We stand behind AmberTech 110% and will recommend their products to just about anyone. Conventional methods can be harsh and full of unecessary chemicals, so we choose the all-natural, healthy way!

Erica Daniel-President of Dolly’s Foundation


The Benefits of HWF

HWF was developed to eliminate heartworms slowly over a period-of-time, which allows the dog’s own immune system to help rid the heartworm from its body.  Because HWF works slowly your dog does not need to be confined and can continue to play as he or she would, although do not allow over exertion such as racing or breeding.  Another Great Benefit of HWF… older dogs can use this product.


How HWF Works!

HWF was designed to help support all body functions while strengthening the heart muscles and lungs. Other ingredients help flush the dead worms out of the system.  This process usually takes 16-24 weeks.  However, depending on the severity of the infestation it can take longer.


How can you get it!

We are all about supporting our local pet stores – Louise’s Pet Connection in Florida carries HWF.  We also have other local pet shops that carry our products.  You can go online at to find a local pet store near you.  As a last resort, if you don’t have a store near you, you can always purchase our products from our website.  If you would like to see our products in your local pet store email with a list of stores near you.

-Guest blogger, Jenny Estrada of Amber Technology



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