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Finding Pit Bull Friendly Housing

“Moving” is one of the top reasons Pit Bulls are surrendered to shelters. Finding a place to live with your Pit Bull can be tough, but with a little homework, it’s definitely possible. Here are some things to consider when looking for a new place to live with your four legged family member.

Be honest. Don’t try to hide your dog. When (not if) you’re caught hiding a dog that isn’t allowed in your lease (or worse – prohibited in your lease!) you’ll be forced to either move out (which could mean breaking your lease and paying penalties) or get rid of the dog.

Get a referral letter from your current landlord stating how great of a tenant you and your dog have been.

You’ll generally have better luck renting from a private owner of a single family home. Apartment communities and condos often have blanket restrictions (on size and breed) set by upper management and owners, and they generally won’t make exceptions. A bonus to renting a single family home is that many of them have fenced in yards!

Many home owners are concerned that with pets comes parasites and damage. Assure the landlord that you maintain an active flea control program, that your dog is house trained and that you dispose of your pets waste properly in a timely manner.

Provide proof of spay or neuter, license, and updated vaccination records.

Provide proof of any training classes your dog has attended or awards your  dog has received.

It is helpful (and very easy) to get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen. This can make a huge impact on the way the landlord views your dog.

Bring your dog to meet the landlord. It’s easy to say no over the phone. You’ll have a better chance if you can actually show the landlord how well behaved your dog is.

If you have done your homework and found a place you’d like to live that will also allow your four legged family, great! Now get it in writing. It’s a good idea to protect yourself just in case your landlord decides to change his mind after you’ve moved in.

Guest written by Dawn Marshall of Flyin Fur Pet Photography

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  1. Mata #

    Good advice for those that don’t own their homes. This is the main reason I own my own home in a so called “bad” neighborhood. I would rather live here with my dogs then someplace else without them.

    September 27, 2011

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